This website, Jays Angels, shares the story of Jay Witkowski’s life-long need for blood and the importance of those that donate. Its goal is to encourage all able-bodied people to donate blood. Without the gift of blood Jay may not have lived after birth and certainly would not have been with us the last 15 years of his life. Blood transfusions not only kept Jay alive but also gave him a better quality of life…

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Remember when you donate,
you save a life.

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    I cannot think of any other charity where you can have such a profound effect in another’s life with so little of your time and at no cost. During the holidays blood donations are statistically low. If you’re thinking about what you can do to give back this holiday season, please consider a blood donation. In roughly 45 minutes of your time you can not only affect someone’s life, you can save it.
    Vanessa Witkowski


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